The idea for Bruce Contemporaries started to grow after having chaired the Night at the Museum family fundraiser for two years and seeing all of the enthusiasm around that event. I saw an opportunity to engage this group and, luckily, I have a wonderful group of friends who also have had careers related to the art world and a passion for art, so we worked with the Bruce Museum to make this idea a reality.
— Grace Djuranovic
We support the Bruce Museum because it allows us to engage with members of our community.
— Katie and Owen Biglin
I grew up visiting the Bruce Museum and going to its events - it was a key part of my childhood in Greenwich and I love that I can continue the tradition both as a young adult and for my children. I’ve had so much fun as part of the Bruce Contemporaries - it’s a fun group of young adults who want to socialize, attend unique or private viewings of art collections, and support the Bruce Museum and all it does for our community.
— Hagar Chemali
As a member of the art world in New York, I am so fortunate to have found the Bruce Contemporaries so I can meet and engage with like minded individuals in the Greenwich community. I have greatly enjoyed discovering the fascinating local galleries and simultaneously exploring the incredible museum programming, both for myself and my young children.
— Asya Geller

Please let us know if you are interested in joining the Bruce Contemporaries planning committee.

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